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Polaris Kit

Polaris Kit is an SDK solution that includes the best Office programs for mobile productivity improvement and document security, designed to support a wide range of business and app development processes.

Polaris Kit provides Office and PDF solutions.

Polaris Office SDK

Polaris Office SDK is the best mobile Office SDK solution for productivity improvement and document security, developed based on the globally recognized smart Office program, Polaris Office.

Polaris PDF SDK

Polaris PDF SDK protects important business documents with a rock-solid performance, providing powerful viewing and editing features and a unique document encryption technology.

Polaris Viewer SDK

It enables quick and accurate viewing of various documents in their original format, any time and anywhere. Its Annotation feature allows you to add comments easily.

The best SDK solution for powerful document security and productivity improvement

Polaris Kit consists of Office UI and UI Framework based on Office Engine.
We currently support Android and iOS, and offer guide documents and sample codes so that you can easily control open APIs and UI Menus and embed them in the application.

Examples of use & Product Configuration

This manages document data received from the document server as a stream and does not remain any document files in file system.

Office development kit optimized for various work environments with easy integration

Provided SDK
Enables viewing and editing of documents based on powerful performance.SDK is provided to facilitate linking to diverse work and business systems.
Document data management using memory stream
Manages document data received from the document server using a memory stream, leaving no document files in the file system.
Easy integration
Easily integrated with business applications, such as groupware, ECM, and EDMS, enabling the Polaris Kit features within the applications.
Custom solution
Offers a customization service optimized for each company’s work environment, providing options such as company storage connections, customized templates, watermarking, company logo insertion, and interface modification.
Document encryption
Encrypted documents can only be read by Polaris Kit engine and the stored devices. To ensure protection, encryption is maintained while the document is accessed.
Enhanced document security
Stores viewed documents to temporary memory so that they cannot be saved on devices, thus preventing confidential documents from being leaked.

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